Today I am grateful for air-conditioning and fans and icy “refreshers” and bike rides and yoga sessions and cold showers and spray-on sunscreen and thoughtful articles and awesome coasters from long ago parcel swaps. I’m grateful for a bar freezer that’s absolutely packed to the brim with healthy, home-cooked meals for the weeks and months ahead. I’m grateful for the Internet and my phone and computer and being able to type easily and quickly. I’m grateful for good TV shows and weekly planners and chair back supports and fun summer dresses and short hair and skin that heals and owning the hair on my body and shirts ironed by my love and Internet radio stations.


Today I am grateful for yoga and ad breaks and robot vacuums and pre-preparing my meals and microwaves and sunlight and clean sheets and my bike and sunscreen and borrowing bigger uniforms and new socks and lollies and new watches and tidying the study and showing off my house to friends and lemons and millions of pillows.


Today I am grateful for podcasts to keep me company. I’m grateful for Google maps street view. I am grateful for leftovers and easy snacks. I’m grateful for access to the internet. I’m grateful to share books I love. I am grateful for face washers. I’m grateful for gentle rain on my roof.

I’m grateful for being a fast learner and having a silly teacher and my user name and password working for a new site and the rain holding off all day so I could get my uniforms washed and ready for next week. I’m grateful to have enjoyed my last day of being unemployed for a while. I’m grateful for time that I’ve been able to donate. I’m grateful for ripe avocados and new burger patties to try and dinner together at the end of the day. I’m grateful for knife sharpeners and reusing old boxes. I’m grateful that Aldi had black paints on sale just in time. I’m grateful for sarsaparilla and chocolate treats and sherbies. I’m also grateful for healthy meals to balance out the snacks. I’m grateful for keeping on top of the weird shower cleaning routine I’ve got going.

Free Time

Today I am grateful for free time and my bicycle and warm weather and fans and scrubby soap and working hot water systems and gnocchi because it cooks so fast and sleeping in and East-facing bedroom windows and plans and notebooks and elastic bands and memory foam soles and guppies and water.


I’m grateful for cardboard boxes and paint and garbage bags and sticks and tape and ribbon and oil and water and battery operated candles. I’m grateful for cold sore remedy warts and mixing regular paint with moisturiser for face paint. I’m grateful for well mannered kids and impressed mums. I’m grateful for best friends and cheesy movies and saving a goody bag each and loud screams. I’m grateful for glowsticks.

I’m grateful for my sister and my niece and that we live close enough to visit without first catching a plane. I’m grateful for bubbles and balls and coloured sticks and leftover fritters. I’m grateful for cuddles and kisses and kisses for the turtle too. I’m grateful for milk and microwaves and spoons that can be used to dig in the rocks. I’m grateful for tantrums that cracked us up and spinning on office chairs until we can’t walk straight.

I’m grateful for warm days and perfect riding weather and a tail wind on the way home. I’m grateful for coffee and gossip and plans and excitement. I’m grateful for sneaky tricks and shopping sprees and staying under budget and cute things to squee at. I’m grateful for water bottles and electric garage doors and spokey dokes and lentil salad.

A Week Away

This week I am grateful for cheap flights booked last minute and impromptu holidays. I’m grateful for being able to rejig the budget so I could afford to go. I’m grateful for taxis and air trains. I’m grateful for beautiful Sunsets and warm weekends and cold days reminding me how much I appreciate the climate in my home town. I’m grateful for favourite places to visit and old familiar foods to eat and public transport that is actually useful. I’m grateful for jumpers and pants with skirts and improvised long socks. I’m grateful for air mattresses that turn into hammocks as I sleep. I’m grateful for catch ups with friends and family and last minute parties and alcohol induced karaoke and talking till midnight. I’m grateful for funny pilots and my travelling knitting set up and arriving at the airport early because my flight’s been delayed or the traffic is non existent. I’m grateful for edible aeroplane food and seasonal lollies and chocolates won. I’m grateful for text messages and phone calls and instant messaging apps. I’m grateful for delicious smelling soap and homemade deodorant and toothbrushes. I’m grateful for japa mala beads and coping techniques. I’m grateful for comfy sneakers and unnecessary thongs and warm winter pyjamas. I’m grateful for the rainbow of pens in my bag and beautiful letter writing sets and cheesy postcards. I’m grateful for cloud formations viewed from above. I’m grateful for leaving a lasting goodbye. I’m grateful for trams. I’m grateful for homecomings.


I’m grateful for ideas, I’ve had a lot of good ones lately. Little bits of inspiration hit me and I go off on tangents for days writing lists and lists of good ideas. New ideas are nourishing. Creative ideas feed my soul. Thoughtful ideas delight me.

Also grateful for finding enough money in the right budget to plan a spontaneous trip, being able to cook ahead meals for my love so he doesn’t end up eating cereal for a week, packages arriving sooner than expected, craft books that bring back childhood memories, fancy chocolates, cricket season, fabric sales, teaching myself new craft skills, useful crafts that are also beautiful, thoughtful free samples, bright sunshine drying my clothes, big hats for afternoon walks, and lemons, because they’re delicious!

Eddy the Teddy

I’m grateful for my story telling ability, I’m grateful that I have a standby on hand, and I’m grateful that Eddy the Teddy lasts the test of time. I used to tell my youngest brother, the one who inspired this blog, Eddy the Teddy stories all the time. When we went over to Vietnam in February this year he still requested a few stories and was in awe at my ability to remember all the characters names, even though we’d invented them together so long ago. This week I used Eddy the Teddy stories to put my niece to sleep twice while I was babysitting. She’s not yet old enough to request them, so I just tell them with as much detail as possible and my rhythmic voice puts her to sleep. And for that I’m grateful.

“One day, Eddy the Teddy woke up… “

Long Walks

I think today I walked about 12km. I’m grateful that I get to walk through a wetlands on the way to the train station. I’m grateful for friends and catching up and long, long walks around the river up and down slopes and staircases. I’m grateful for rainbow embroidery threads and meditative mandalas that I can take with me on the train and work on wherever I am. I’m grateful for takeaway and not having to cook dinner tonight. I’m grateful for warm weather and sunny skies and cool breezes. I’m grateful for gritting my teeth and getting stuff done, trusting myself to make the right decisions based on the research I’ve worked so hard on. I’m grateful for pants that make me feel graceful and sexy and fit and hippy all in one go.


Tonight I am grateful for visa application questions and immigration forms asking us to justify our relationship. Seems strange, but it brings us closer together as we contemplate the hows and whys behind our relationship. It’s also a source of surprising compliments we might not have paid each other otherwise.

I’m also grateful for legs that work and walking to the shops and back with my love to inspect the building progress and buy celebration chocolates. I’m grateful for bonus collectable cards at the check out.

I’m grateful for meals cooked in advance and frozen so that when I discovered both our lack of tomatoes and lack of potatoes meaning I couldn’t cook any of my planned meals, we still had a healthy dinner there for us to enjoy.