A Week Away

This week I am grateful for cheap flights booked last minute and impromptu holidays. I’m grateful for being able to rejig the budget so I could afford to go. I’m grateful for taxis and air trains. I’m grateful for beautiful Sunsets and warm weekends and cold days reminding me how much I appreciate the climate in my home town. I’m grateful for favourite places to visit and old familiar foods to eat and public transport that is actually useful. I’m grateful for jumpers and pants with skirts and improvised long socks. I’m grateful for air mattresses that turn into hammocks as I sleep. I’m grateful for catch ups with friends and family and last minute parties and alcohol induced karaoke and talking till midnight. I’m grateful for funny pilots and my travelling knitting set up and arriving at the airport early because my flight’s been delayed or the traffic is non existent. I’m grateful for edible aeroplane food and seasonal lollies and chocolates won. I’m grateful for text messages and phone calls and instant messaging apps. I’m grateful for delicious smelling soap and homemade deodorant and toothbrushes. I’m grateful for japa mala beads and coping techniques. I’m grateful for comfy sneakers and unnecessary thongs and warm winter pyjamas. I’m grateful for the rainbow of pens in my bag and beautiful letter writing sets and cheesy postcards. I’m grateful for cloud formations viewed from above. I’m grateful for leaving a lasting goodbye. I’m grateful for trams. I’m grateful for homecomings.

Eddy the Teddy

I’m grateful for my story telling ability, I’m grateful that I have a standby on hand, and I’m grateful that Eddy the Teddy lasts the test of time. I used to tell my youngest brother, the one who inspired this blog, Eddy the Teddy stories all the time. When we went over to Vietnam in February this year he still requested a few stories and was in awe at my ability to remember all the characters names, even though we’d invented them together so long ago. This week I used Eddy the Teddy stories to put my niece to sleep twice while I was babysitting. She’s not yet old enough to request them, so I just tell them with as much detail as possible and my rhythmic voice puts her to sleep. And for that I’m grateful.

“One day, Eddy the Teddy woke up… “

Time Out

This week I am grateful for time out. I’m grateful for tilt trains that go fast, and diesel trains that have comfier seats. I’m grateful for blue skies and coloured sunsets and gorgeous weather and warm breezes. I’m grateful for grandparents who’ll have me stay at short notice and cook me delicious food and take me out prawning and let me relax. I’m grateful for sisters and gossiping while helping and rushing to make it to the post office on time and stuffing clothes into express bags as neatly as we can. I’m grateful that my washing machine just keeps keeping on, despite the death rattles when the spinner runs. I’m grateful I made so much progress on my blanket this week, and grateful I can choose not to look at it for a whole month now. I’m grateful for new hobbies and the Internet for helping me and cheapie stores for supplying me with threads and needles and washable markers. I’m grateful for murder mystery novels. I’m grateful for new sheets and folded towels and scrubbing brushes. I’m grateful for plans and grand finals and backyard fires and enchiladas. I’m grateful for clean fish tanks and happy guppies and bold sunflowers and scotch cocktails and dishwashers.

Water, it’s always water.

Today I am grateful for water. Water for drinking, water for laundry, water for showers, water for cooking, water for cleaning, water for our aquatic pets, and water from the sky (rain). I’m grateful for clouds that make sunsets beautiful. I’m grateful for colourful threads, and new bed sheets, and holiday plans with Gran and Grandad. I’m grateful that lunch worked (stir-fry pasta… seriously!). I’m grateful for the internet and in particular Pinterest, which makes picking up a new hobby (today, embroidery) very easy and fun and totally addictive. I’m grateful for a niece and soon to be niece-or-nephew to make things for. I’m grateful for our functional study and my organised craft room and our severe lack of furniture in general because it makes decorating more inventive. I’m grateful for home made deodorant, and home made toothpaste, and home made shower cleaner, and is there nothing that bicarb and vinegar can’t do?! I’m grateful for music and electric lights and a grown-up sized bed (even though it’s only on loan) and my robot vacuum and hot chocolate powder and frozen strawberries and water! So, so grateful for water.

The Show

Today I’m grateful for my Geelong grandparents who I’m visiting. We helped out at the German club today, then afterwards went to the show. I haven’t been to a show in years, and I’m too old for show bags and rides, but it was nice to go with my grandparents and see the different pavilions and to share that experience with them.

Also grateful for:
* Free iced coffee at the train station
* Time to work on my knitting
* An early night (relatively)
* Sunshine in the sun room

Rainbow Umbrella

I have a four point checklist for Melbourne weather:
And if the weather for the day is not one of those things, it’s a nice day. Today was overcast and raining and very, very windy, but it wasn’t cold, and so it was a very nice day indeed.

I’m grateful for my umbrella. It’s rainbow, which is awesome, and rather small. I like its size because it’s enough to protect me and not make me feel like I might poke someone’s eye out with it. It’s also a lot sturdier than a compact folding umbrella and can stand up to quite windy conditions very well. I think it’s a children’s sized brolly, but it’s perfect for me. And I’m very grateful for it when I have to navigate through the city on rainy days.

I think it used to belong to my sister and she either gave it to me or sold it to me for about five bucks haha.

20140429-114505 pm.jpg

That It Fits!

Today I’m grateful that the knitted ruffle butt diaper cover I made for a friend’s baby fit her. I had to upsize the regular pattern and I’m glad it worked. Also grateful that Australia post was so speedy.

Another thing in grateful for today is funny conversations with Ajay. We were talking about getting a pet. One of the gems was “If we get a guinea pig can’t we take it for a walk?” And, still about guinea pigs, “Aren’t they trained where to pee? Like cats?” No my love. First off he wanted a dog to watch the cricket with him. Just a small one he assures me. And if I don’t let the dog in the house, he’ll just have to get a TV for the garage… I’m grateful we can have silly conversations together. And grateful that we’re really not at a stage in our lives where pets are a viable idea because of the travelling we both do, so these conversations aren’t really arguments at all which is what makes them so entertaining I think. Walking a guinea pig…!

My Life

I have so, so much to be grateful for in my life. I’m grateful I can cook and entertain guests. I’m grateful for friends and family. I’m grateful for my house, the backyard and lounge room being so good for entertaining. I’m grateful for being so good at fridge Tetris (all day long!).

I’m grateful for Air Asia having a big sale. I’m grateful that my budgeting system meant that even though we only had $380 “spare money” this month, we could still afford to buy almost $1360 worth of flights, without having to borrow money. I’m grateful that Ajay will be going to India this year and that we will be going to Vietnam together at this time next year. I’m grateful that we both have family to stay with when we go visiting (they are, after all, the reason we travel).

I’m so grateful for the life and the lifestyle that we have created for ourselves. I’m looking forward to a lot of things this week, this year and this life, but I’m also so grateful for this moment right now. And all the moments we have shared so far. My life rocks.


All the kinds of love that I’m grateful for today and always:
* Family love. Sisters. Brothers. Mum. Dads. Grandparents. Great grandparents. Niece. Uncles. Aunties (both great and not related). In laws (of a sort). Playing together (Scattegories), eating together, talking together.
* Friend love. Best friend. Close friends. Sweet friends. Weird friends. Kind friends.
* True love. Ajay. Arms. Heart. Smile. Sweet boy. My boy. Love. Bliss.

That It Looked So Good On Her

Today I’m grateful that the damned mermaid costume I’ve been working on actually looked awesome on Madi and made a fantastic photography prop. I know I said I’d never make one again, but I’ve thought of a slight pattern tweak I’d like to make, and a friend of the family has been asking if I would make one for her, so I’m considering it…

Also grateful for:
* Scattegories with my family
* Ajay meeting my mum and all going well
* Getting pooped on
* Pants that are easily washed and dried before I have to leave (and hot weather to dry them)
* City snacks with Ajay
* Helpful customer service representatives at Jetstar’s call centre
* Peaches and Ice-cream
* One final ruffle butt half finished already

PS. As if I would leave you hanging without a picture! Outfit made by me, headband accessory shell made by mum, cute baby made by my sister.

20140213-103417 pm.jpg