Today I am grateful for stacks of bread and helping hands and funny emergency situations that don’t seem urgent but are. I’m grateful to ride and have freedom and that it’s not too hot or too cold. I’m grateful for piles of blankets and clothes to be donated and wifi so I don’t have to use my mobile data and empty echoey rooms. I’m grateful that I took a bag full of snacks. I’m grateful that the internet makes things like paying bills and changing addresses very easy. I’m grateful that I can afford to pay professional bond cleaners and that I don’t have to clean all the blinds myself! 

Sleeping In 

Well, it wasn’t much sleeping in, but it sure was nice. I’m thankful for coffee and tea together on the balcony and a pancake breakfast and getting ready slowly. I’m grateful for making the phone calls and organising the stuff and cooking the pasta and writing the lists. I’m grateful to be able to walk to work. I’m glad we did our grocery shop and got almost all the things we needed. I’m grateful for how quiet the shops are at 7pm on a Monday night. 


Today I am grateful for Frankensteining furniture to make spaces work for me. I’m grateful for finishing the kitchen and not ending up with cups and plates in my pantry. I’m grateful for my sisters! I’m grateful for quiet cups of tea on the balcony and cinnamon biscuits. I’m grateful for short bike rides to work and chilly air and a sense of camaraderie and finishing early. I’m grateful that the garage has a light that turns on with the remote! I’m grateful for sunny skies to dry my washing and my big floppy hat and the portable clothes rack to hang the extras on. 

Sunrise Skies 

Today I’m grateful for soft pastel sunrise skies and fresh cool air and figuring out better walking paths and the smell of cut grass. I’m grateful for coffee! I’m grateful for food delivery and online ordering apps and pappadams. 

Settling In 

Today I am grateful for my work colleagues and quiet streets in the morning and coming home to find more boxes unpacked. I’m grateful for the cluster of shops next door and the helpful aquarium next to work. I’m grateful for easy dinner solutions and watching a movie together. 

Magnesium Lotion 

Today I am so, so, so grateful for my homemade magnesium lotion. It’s done wonders for my sore muscles during this move. When I went to work this morning, it certainly didn’t feel like I’d been moving house and running up and down stairs all day previously! Also, I’m grateful I can walk to work now, I forgot how nice it is to do that. I’m grateful that I got the kitchen 98% unpacked and put away, and that I don’t have to put any crockery in the pantry! I’m grateful that the shelves the kitchen cupboards are semi-adustable height wise. I’m grateful that I got to have a nap today. I’m grateful that I washed the sheets on thursday during the move, they’ve been the nicest little luxury. I’m grateful that we put the outdoor daybed on the upstairs balcony, it’s such a pleasant spot to hang out. 


Today I am grateful for brothers who pay rent and money to hire professional removalists and getting everything safely up the stairs of the new place and only having to do four car runs to get the little things put of the old place. I’m grateful the turtle relocation went fairly well (except for the mysterious filter failure 🙁) and that the setup ideas worked and that we got the tank up the stairs of course. I’m grateful for echo-y empty homes and cosy full homes and having a bar freezer which made the fridge transition ridiculously easy and we didn’t waste a lot of food. I’m grateful for all the shops now within walking distance, including my work. I’m grateful for knowing exactly where the iron, towels abs bath mats were packed. I’m grateful for being complimented by the removalists on my organisation, and later in the day by Ajay too (this, being the 23rd house I’ve lived in makes me quite experienced at being organised to move I think!). I’m grateful for ordering almost everything except pizza from the pizza shop for dinner then walking to pick it up. 


Today I am grateful for ice cream and little brothers and tape dispensers and cous cous salads and that half bag of fake chicken pieces buried at the bottom of my freezer. I’m grateful for podcasts and comfy blue slip on shoes and cool air and long breaks. I’m grateful for our car and that there was a microwave on sale at the right time and eighth orders free and the automatic ice machine and ATMs and hot, fresh churros. I’m grateful for lights by which to work at night. I’m grateful the bin got emptied this morning. I’m grateful that the rain is only in patches. 

The Door Prank

Today I am grateful for lots of laughs and the door prank and sitting down after a productive morning. I’m grateful for getting almost everything done this morning despite having three less hours in which to do it. I’m grateful for boxes condensing up and great podcasts about blood and blame and my permanent marker working great again because I stored it upside down overnight. I’m grateful for my final ride to and from work from this house and that I didn’t need a jacket (but I sure did want one!) and getting out a few minutes early. I’m grateful for takeaway dinners and lucky pandas and no beetroot on my burger. 

Brand New House

Today I’m grateful for the easiest condition report I’ve ever filled out and quiet time alone in the new place and custard and that I already brought hand towels and toilet paper and bags and a measuring tape. I’m grateful for my last morning ride to work from the old house. I’m grateful for getting three rolls of packing tape plus my favorite magazine plus chocolates when I asked for just one extra roll of tape. I’m grateful that I saw the mould on my toast before I bit into… well at least that part of it. I’m grateful for TV shows watched on my computer minus the ads. I’m grateful for podcasts that aren’t always what you expect but are always super interesting (I’m looking at you radiolab) and the perfect soundtrack for packing box after box after box. I’m grateful for homemade magnesium lotion to keep my muscles from getting too achy after everything I’ve put them through in the last week.