Magnesium Lotion 

Today I am so, so, so grateful for my homemade magnesium lotion. It’s done wonders for my sore muscles during this move. When I went to work this morning, it certainly didn’t feel like I’d been moving house and running up and down stairs all day previously! Also, I’m grateful I can walk to work now, I forgot how nice it is to do that. I’m grateful that I got the kitchen 98% unpacked and put away, and that I don’t have to put any crockery in the pantry! I’m grateful that the shelves the kitchen cupboards are semi-adustable height wise. I’m grateful that I got to have a nap today. I’m grateful that I washed the sheets on thursday during the move, they’ve been the nicest little luxury. I’m grateful that we put the outdoor daybed on the upstairs balcony, it’s such a pleasant spot to hang out. 

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