Today I am grateful for brothers who pay rent and money to hire professional removalists and getting everything safely up the stairs of the new place and only having to do four car runs to get the little things put of the old place. I’m grateful the turtle relocation went fairly well (except for the mysterious filter failure 🙁) and that the setup ideas worked and that we got the tank up the stairs of course. I’m grateful for echo-y empty homes and cosy full homes and having a bar freezer which made the fridge transition ridiculously easy and we didn’t waste a lot of food. I’m grateful for all the shops now within walking distance, including my work. I’m grateful for knowing exactly where the iron, towels abs bath mats were packed. I’m grateful for being complimented by the removalists on my organisation, and later in the day by Ajay too (this, being the 23rd house I’ve lived in makes me quite experienced at being organised to move I think!). I’m grateful for ordering almost everything except pizza from the pizza shop for dinner then walking to pick it up. 

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