Brand New House

Today I’m grateful for the easiest condition report I’ve ever filled out and quiet time alone in the new place and custard and that I already brought hand towels and toilet paper and bags and a measuring tape. I’m grateful for my last morning ride to work from the old house. I’m grateful for getting three rolls of packing tape plus my favorite magazine plus chocolates when I asked for just one extra roll of tape. I’m grateful that I saw the mould on my toast before I bit into… well at least that part of it. I’m grateful for TV shows watched on my computer minus the ads. I’m grateful for podcasts that aren’t always what you expect but are always super interesting (I’m looking at you radiolab) and the perfect soundtrack for packing box after box after box. I’m grateful for homemade magnesium lotion to keep my muscles from getting too achy after everything I’ve put them through in the last week. 

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