Oh how I love Vegemite! Especially when I’m sick. I had a spoonful for breakfast this morning and another a little later on. I’ve worked my way up to a banana then some crackers (with Vegemite!) and so far haven’t lost them (yay!).

My partner also woke up sick today, with something completely different to me. I’m vomiting and my stomach is cramping while he’s got a very high temperature and a sore throat. He’s sleeping it off as best he can and I’m reading novels for uni. Both curled up in bed feeling sick and sorry. Both trying to look after each other when we can hardly look after ourselves. With both of our mothers in different countries, we have to be grateful for each other when we’re ill.

I think my stomach has settled enough to try a few more crackers, so I’m off to raid the Vegemite jar again. Thank goodness for Vegemite!

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