Afternoons together

Today I am grateful for our afternoon together and enjoying our upstairs space and setting up the printer (more trouble than it’s worth!) and getting the grocery shopping done and the meal planning out of the way. I’m grateful for custard buns and bubble tea. And I’m grateful for my big floppy red hat and I love it so much! 

The top half! 

Today I am grateful that I finally finished unpacking and organising the top half of my house! Now it’s beginning to feel like a home! I’m also grateful for henna powder to practice making paste with and trying different things and new ideas for the next batch. I’m grateful that the NBN got installed this morning and that it’s so much faster than the internet at our previous house. 


Tonight I’m grateful for flatpack furniture (especially when the two items you went to buy turn out to both be on sale!) and not too busy shops and curtains that fit literally perfectly and mehndi paste that smells amazing (lavender ftw 🙌🏻) and dinners that are easy to cook and inventing new salad dressings and knowing the entire Pirates of The Caribbean trilogy scripts by heart by now (it’s like background noise to me now 😂) and that the meditation room just keeps getting better and better. 


Today I am grateful for money to be used to solve problems, like an overgrown lawn and a trip to the dump and too much sunlight bouncing around my new kitchen and balcony. I’m grateful for helpful staff at the shops and friendly mowing guys. I’m grateful for a dark mehndi stain on my hand and for a very “specials” shift at work and for making the song Rainbow Connection totally stuck in my head. 


Tonight I am grateful that I created so many empty boxes today and got the loungeroom and meditation rooms 90% set-up. I’m grateful for small gazebos that fit perfectly and all the large fabric scraps I hoarded and repurposing random bits of furniture and the rug that Tegan gave me and all my floor cushions. I’m grateful for fairy lights and safety pins and cable ties and the lamp that my parents got as a wedding gift. I’m grateful for the lantern that used to belong to my grandparent’s neighbor’s daughter and the radio that used to belong to my dad and the giant Ganesh fabric piece that used to be my mum’s. I’m grateful for shelves full of books and photographs and knick knacks. I’m grateful I could let some of it go. I’m grateful for home cooked meals after so much takeaway and for Easter chocolates too. 


Today I am grateful for my family’s Easter tradition of lunch and an aggressive hunt at Grandma’s house. I’m grateful that grandma loves adopting extra grandchildren, that Madi wanted to read books with me, that Caity made such a delicious dessert that no one missed the biscuits I left at home. I’m grateful that the stove exhaust slides in and out so I can knead pizza dough without worrying about knocking myself out. 


Today I am grateful for fresh, natural henna powder and easy to follow recipes and having quality essential oils to choose from and finding the utensils in my boxes without making too much mess. I’m grateful for Instagram which is full of inspiration and tips and tricks and helped me see the correct colour I needed on a spot check and also gave me a recipe for royal icing that I could pipe from a henna cone. I’m grateful for fondant icing bought ages back and nearing it’s expiration date and having to think up creative ways to use it. I’m grateful for sunrises and early mornings and highway servos. I’m grateful for a live person to test my new henna on and index cards to record the result and hard boiled eggs for extra practice. 

Moments of Peace

Today I am grateful for the couch in the tea room and an uninterrupted break that was so peaceful in the middle of a crazy busy day. I’m grateful for walking to the post office on my way to work and standing in line in that little moment of peace. I’m grateful for cuddles and the peace I feel in his arms.